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Surf’s Up! Hilarious Beach Photos



Whether it was heading out for a day with your friends, making the most of the surf to catch some waves, or a vacation spot that seemed as sweet as can be – there are usually a whole host of great memories from some time with the sun, sea, and sand.
Although many of us enjoy our days soaking up the sun and maybe even taking a dip in the ocean, it seems as though some beachgoers are having less luck. Yup, some are in for some epic beach fails. While they might have been wishing they stayed at home, at least we can sit back and revel in their bad luck thanks to the wonders of the internet.

Room With A View

If you want to beat the rush and get closer to the sea than you ever thought possible, then why not take a leaf out of this guy’s book? Now, there is no worry of that annoying neighbor spoiling your sight. You just might get a surprise when the tide comes in though.

Family Photoshoot

The beach can be an excellent place for a photo shoot. That is until gravity turns up to join in. Sure, the photographer asking for a smiling picture of you all enjoying the ocean might sound like a good idea, but we’re not sure this family will be happy for long after looking back at these snaps.

Everybody Push

This photo goes to prove why it’s essential to move your vehicle before the tide comes in. Ever heard of quicksand? It’s amazing how rapidly a car can go from sitting on the sand to being a permanent feature of the beach.

Snapping An Intruder

These three women don’t look amused by their unexpected guest. It might have been best to check with the group that this ray was wanted before flopping his wings around the shoulders of his new buddies. It certainly makes for an interesting vacation story to show off to their family.

Keeping Safe

One of the biggest rules of the beach is to try and stay out of the sun when it’s at its hottest. Although it seems as though this woman has caught plenty of rays, she knows her face is likely to burn if she’s not careful. What better solution could there be then grabbing a pair of underwear as your shade?

Room For One More?

It might seem like a good idea to go and take a dip in the sea, but will it really be fun when 15,587,869 people had the same thought? Probably not. Better hope those yellow rings come with name tags if you don’t want to lose your friends amongst the crowd.

The Rule-breakers

One of the best things about going to the beach is sitting back and watching the kids have fun, right? At last, parents can soak up some sun while the children spend all day splashing in the water. It’s too perfect. That is until someone realized how many rule-breakers there are in this world.

The Perfect Spot

Burying our friends in the sand is something many of us have done over the years, but it might be time to save this woman from her predicament. Sure, it seemed like a good idea to get buried up to her neck at the time. However, that was before this four-legged companion decided they needed somewhere to enjoy the fun, too. We wonder how long it took for her friends to stop laughing?

Keeping It Safe

Beach safety is important to many, and here we get to see a family that knows how to stay afloat. Why waste money on expensive swim lessons when you could invest in a life jacket instead? It’s a win-win situation.


Puppies and the beach – could you get two better things in life? This woman might be about to disagree when she realizes her little bundle of fun is about to have an adventure all of its own. Those strings just looked too good to resist.

Giraffin Around

It looks as though the beach can bring out all kinds of interesting party animals – quite literally in this case. This man was determined to make a lasting impression, but not with his swim skills or dance moves.

Instant Regret

Who thought leaving chips around the man’s face would ever end well? One of the birds got a little too close for comfort and left their mark before flying off into the distance, never to be seen again.

A Friend In Need

This man has the perfect solution: hit the waves with his buddy. Literally. It might not be the most conventional board, but at least this man has proven how far he is willing to go to help a friend. We think we all need someone like this in our lives.

Getting In Line

We have to love this man’s dedication to the photo. He might be photobombing their snap, but at least he did it in the classiest way possible. And at least now they’ll always have a story to tell.

The Horror Shoes

Although Crocs might be cheap and comfortable, they aren’t considered to be the most attractive shoes on the market. Crocs might seem like the perfect footwear for the beach, but it might be a good idea to slip them off if you plan on catching some rays in the sun.

Staying Out Of Harm’s Way

These women wanted to spend their day at the beach, but they weren’t willing to take any risks. Sure, they might look like the creatures of nightmares, but at least they are keeping their skin healthy, right? We’re just not sure at what emotional cost.

Head In A Flap

Seagulls. The birds that are just about everywhere and willing to do anything it takes to get what they want from beachgoers. So what happens when their next target is out of snacks? This man was forced to pay.

Stingray Experience

This woman is getting a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it may not be one many people would ever choose. You can see the sheer fear on her pale face as she anxiously looks below at the creatures graving her legs. Gives you chills just looking at it.

Keeping Safe

No matter how hard we try, it can be hard to make sure we apply enough sunblock. There always seems to be that one spot that we just can’t reach, so what are we to do? Rather than take his chances and go home the color of a tomato, this man has a genius plan up his sleeve, or swimsuit.

If You Go Down To The Beach Today

This youngster probably wasn’t thinking her dad would ever be the one to turn on her. All it took was a bit of seaweed, and this man soon went from lovable papa to a terrifying creature of the deep.

And Everyone Else

Members? Check. Non-members? Check. So tell us again, just who is restricted from this club? Perhaps they made the sign before realizing their mistake and couldn’t bear to see it go to waste?

Double Checking The Signs

If there’s one thing that many of us do, it’s play by the rules. Unfortunately, as soon as one person goes against ‘the man,’ chances are there will be several others that follow.

Give Us A Wave

We’re pretty sure this pair was about to regret getting so close. What started out as an epic snap of two friends in front of crashing waves has soon turned into a tremendous beach fail.

You Snooze You Lose

How long has he been there? We’re sure he was enjoying the beach view before the tide came in, but now he’s a few hours away from getting consumed by the water.

Catching Claws

Three-inch-long claws aren’t always the most practical option for the sand of the beach. However, they must give her magical powers as they’re somehow taking an entirely different photo to the pose the woman is pulling in the sea.

Keeping Cool

Cucumber slices on the eyes? Sure. But what about strips of the vegetable all over your face? That one’s a new one. However, it certainly seems to be working as this girl looks to be free from any kind of burn.

Doing A Double Take

It seems as though this woman was causing quite the stir on the beach thanks to her hilarious accident. All it took was getting the perfect angle, and this beach lover had plenty of people doing a double take.

Catching Up With Work

Spring break is usually the time that many students put away the laptop and focus on relaxing. However, it looks as though this woman wanted to make sure her mind was kept sharp before heading back to school.

Smart Idea, Poor Execution

It looks as though this pair were about to get closer than they ever imagined. Although the guy seems as though he’s had the time of his life, we’re sure his friend wasn’t so amused when she got home and had to explain her new bruise to her parents.

Splashing Around

Although the ocean can be a great place to cool off, there is no telling who – or what – has been in there. This group weren’t willing to take the risk and needed a way to ensure they were free from whatever could be lurking in the depths below.

All Dressed Up

You need something that will keep you cool and free from the sun’s rays, but what if you don’t want to end up going home covered in sand? This woman looks ready to take a dip in the water with her rubber ring, we’re not sure the boots and dress are such a good idea.


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