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Historical Celebrity Doppelgängers



Celebrities often have historical doppelgangers, or people from the past who bear a striking resemblance to them. These similarities can be uncanny, with some celebrities even being compared to famous figures from centuries ago. No matter what time we live in, and as photography becomes better and better, we’ll always have famous people to compare each other to.
These comparisons can be fun and interesting, but it’s important to remember that celebrities are living, breathing individuals with their own unique experiences, while historical figures are figures from the past and often have a different cultural and social context. The following celebrity comparisons are some of the most striking resemblances ever pointed out. Which is your favorite?

Jimmy Fallon & Mahir Cayan

Jimmy Fallon is an American comedian, actor, television host, and musician who is best known as the host of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on NBC. He began his career as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” and later went on to host his own late-night talk show, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” Mahir Cayan is a Turkish journalist, television host, and presenter who is known for hosting the Turkish version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” He is also a columnist and has written several books.

Matthew McConaughey & Someone’s Grandpa

Matthew McConaughey has a distinct look that has been compared to that of someone from the 1800s. He often sports a thick, bushy beard and long hair, which gives him an older, rugged appearance. Additionally, his sharp facial features and stoic demeanor also add to this historical vibe. He has been known to embrace this look in some of his most iconic roles, such as in the film “True Detective” where he played a character whose appearance was inspired by the 1800s.

Jay-Z & 1939 Harlem Man

A photograph taken in 1939 has raised the question of whether rapper Jay-Z has the ability to time travel. The photo shows a man posing in a hat and coat that bears a striking resemblance to the rapper. The photo was taken in Harlem during the depression era, nearly 40 years before Jay-Z was born. While it is likely that the man in the photo is simply someone who looks like him, the resemblance is so strong that some have suggested that Jay-Z may have somehow found a way to travel through time.

Jack Black & Paul Revere

Jack Black and Paul Revere have been noted for bearing a resemblance to each other. Jack Black, an American actor, comedian, and musician is known for his work in films such as “School of Rock” and “King Kong” and for being a member of the band Tenacious D. On the other hand, Paul Revere was an American patriot and silversmith who played a key role in the American Revolution, particularly in the events leading up to the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775. Both men have a similar physical appearance, with round faces, sharp features, and a distinctive look.

Mesut Ozil & Enzo Ferrari

You can’t disagree that this famous soccer star and auto legend don’t look nearly identical. Mesut Ozil is a professional soccer player from Germany who currently plays for Fenerbahce in the Turkish Super Lig, he is known for his technical abilities and his vision on the field. On the other hand, Enzo Ferrari was an Italian car designer and founder of Ferrari, one of the most successful sports car manufacturers in the world.

Jack Gleeson & Caligula

Jack Gleeson and Caligula, the Roman Emperor, have been compared in looks by some people, as they both have similar sharp facial features. Jack Gleeson is an Irish actor, known for his role as Joffrey Baratheon in the HBO series Game of Thrones. He has been praised for his portrayal of the sadistic, power-hungry character. Caligula, on the other hand, was a Roman Emperor who is infamously known for his cruel, sadistic and erratic behavior during his reign. He was known for his cruel acts, megalomania and quickly made people draw comparisons.

Peter Dinklage & Sebastián de Morra

Peter Dinklage is an American actor who is best known for his role as Tyrion Lannister in the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” Sebastian de Morra was a dwarf court jester and courtier of King Charles I of England and King Charles II of England. He was known for his physical appearance and his jester job, and also for his witty remarks and courtly behavior. It is not clear if the character of Tyrion Lannister in the “Game of Thrones” series was directly based on the historical figure, but you can see how people noticed the resemblance.

Queen Latifah & Zora Neale Hurston

Queen Latifah, born Dana Elaine Owens, is an American singer, rapper, and actress known for her roles in films such as “Chicago” and “Hairspray” and for her music career. On the other hand, Zora Neale Hurston was an American author, anthropologist, and filmmaker. She was a prominent figure in the Harlem Renaissance, known for her novels and her research on the culture of African Americans in the South. Although they are separated by decades, with strong jawlines and a distinctive look, the two women share a similar strength and determination in their respective fields.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Judy Zipper

Although Judy Zipper is just your average citizen, it’s surprising to see how striking her resemblance is to Leonardo DiCaprio, the highly acclaimed actor, known for his performances in films such as Titanic, The Revenant, and The Wolf of Wall Street. He has received numerous awards and nominations for his work, including six Academy Award nominations and one win for his role in The Revenant. He is also known for his environmental activism and philanthropy. Judy is surely in good company, but we can’t imagine Leo’s reaction to this comparison.

Sylvester Stallone & Renaissance Man

If you take a quick glance at the fresco “The Cardinal and Theological Virtues” created by Raphael for the Stanza della Segnatura in the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican, you can see Pope Gregory IX giving his approval to a document. But upon closer inspection, you may notice Sylvester Stallone’s presence in the scene, keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings. The specific content of the document being approved is unknown, but it is known that Pope Gregory IX is recognized as the founder of the Inquisition. Stallone’s expression in the fresco seems to indicate his disapproval of these actions, suggesting that violence is not always the answer.

Alec Baldwin & Millard Fillmore

Former U.S. President Millard Fillmore and actor Alec Baldwin may be related, if one were to believe the similarities in their appearances as suggested by some photographs. President Fillmore served as the 13th President of the United States from 1850 to 1853, and is remembered for his efforts to compromise on the issue of slavery and for his strong stance on the rights of American Indians. Alec Baldwin, on the other hand, is a well-known actor who has appeared in a variety of films, television shows, and stage productions.

Justin Timberlake & Criminal

The singer Justin Timberlake may have sang “Dead And Gone,” but an old sepia photograph suggests that he may have existed centuries ago. The photograph shows Timberlake, who looks similar to how he does now, with a style that appears to be from a bygone era. This leads one to assume that he may have had a doppelganger way back when, but also that his style, including his signature “Sexy Back”, was present during that era as well.

Orlando Bloom & Nicolae Grigorescu

In 2005, Orlando Bloom’s hairstyle, confident facial expression, and thin mustache resemble those of Nicolae Grigorescu, a prominent Romanian artist, author, and soldier from the 1800s. As a collector of paintings, it’s possible that Bloom has a deeper understanding and appreciation for the art form.

Nicolas Cage & War Photographer

The idea of celebrity immortality as a meme may have originated in 2011, when a man from Seattle attempted to sell a photograph of Lt. Robert M. Smith, a Confederate prisoner of war photographer, who bore a striking resemblance to Nicolas Cage. The eBay listing, titled “Nicolas Cage is a Vampire,” suggested that Cage may be some sort of undead creature who rejuvenates himself every 75 years. The listing was removed soon after it was posted.

John Travolta & Another Soldier

Following the Nicolas Cage eBay listing, a similar listing was posted on the site, this time for a 150-year-old photograph of a man resembling John Travolta. The man in the photo had similar eyes, hairline, facial structure and sported long sideburns, which Travolta was known for. Both Cage and Travolta starred in the 1997 film “Face/Off” where their characters swapped faces and tried to kill each other. This could be interpreted as a metaphor for their characters’ struggles with immortality and the monotony of living for a long time.

Keanu Reeves & Paul Mounet

Keanu Reeves, born September 2, 1964, is an actor, musician, and producer who has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. He is best known for his roles in movies such as “The Matrix” trilogy and “John Wick” franchises. Despite his age, Reeves has not aged significantly since his 20s and has managed to maintain a youthful appearance. This has led to some people theorizing that he might be immortal or has found the fountain of youth. One of the reasons for this theory is the resemblance of Keanu Reeves to the 19th century French actor Paul Mounet, who lived between 1847-1922.

Serena Williams & Betty Shabazz

Tennis champion Serena Williams bears a striking resemblance to Shabazz, the former wife of Malcolm X, educator and civil rights advocate. From her strong jawline to her high cheekbones, Williams would be well-suited for a historical drama portraying Shabazz. We’ll have to see if Williams is willing to get into acting after recently wrapping up her tennis career.

Oscar Issac & Raphael’s Friend

“Self-Portrait with a Friend” is a painting created by the Italian Renaissance artist Raphael between 1518 and 1520. The painting depicts Raphael with a friend, however, the identity of this friend is not entirely certain. Some historians believe that the friend is one of Raphael’s close pupils, while others suggest that it is one of his contemporary artists. However, the internet is convinced that Oscar Issac is the friend, and has the ability to time travel, no matter how speculative it may sound.

Andrew Garfield & Leon Trotsky

Andrew Garfield bears a resemblance to Leon Trotsky, with similar eyebrows and hairstyle. However, there is no evidence to suggest that his ancestry is traced back to Russia. The theory that Garfield may have played a role in the Soviet takeover during the October Revolution or founded a Marxist school of thought is purely ridiculous, but you can’t deny the resemblance.

Brad Pitt & Hermann Rorschach

The actor Brad Pitt has a resemblance to Hermann Rorschach, the 19th-century Swiss psychologist known for developing the Rorschach test. They even share a similar style in neckwear. And why we’ll continue to wonder why Rorschach never had a career in acting, we can certainly say he sure did have a knack for fashion, especially for a psychologist.

Daniel Radcliffe & Old Lady

Daniel Radcliffe has been known to bear a resemblance to several people in old photographs. In 2016, when he visited the set of Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show, Fallon showed Radcliffe several photographs and asked him to react and reenact the figures in the pictures. One of the most notable photographs was of a stern looking woman wearing black, pearls, and eyeglasses that resemble the ones worn by his character Harry Potter. This photograph was a fan favorite.

Halle Berry & Dorothy Dandridge

Halle Berry made history in 2002 when she became the first African American actress to win the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in “Monster’s Ball.” Almost 50 years prior, Dorothy Dandridge made history as the first African American actress to be nominated for the same category for her performance in “Carmen Jones.” Both Berry and Dandridge coincidentally sported a similar hairstyle during their Oscar moments.

Bruce Willis & Douglas MacArthur

Bruce Willis bears a strong resemblance to Douglas MacArthur, the five-star general who commanded the United States and its allies during World War II. If there were to be another biographical film made about MacArthur, Willis would be a fitting choice for the role.

Conan O’Brien & Harvey Twitchell

Conan O’Brien bears a resemblance to Marshall Harvey Twitchell, a Union soldier, carpetbagger, and Louisiana politician during the American Civil War and Reconstruction. The resemblance is striking, with similar features, hair and facial hair. Sometime in the later decades, he must have moved to Massachusetts, where O’Brien was allegedly born.

Mark Zuckerberg & Philip IV

Velázquez was known for painting portraits of people who resemble modern celebrities. His portrait of a young Philip IV of Spain, who reigned from 1621 to 1640 and was also Velázquez’s patron, bears a resemblance to Mark Zuckerberg. The resemblance is particularly striking in the above-mentioned portrait of Philip IV, which coincidentally has a likeness to a photograph of Zuckerberg taken while he was in Spain.

Robert De Niro & Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Robert De Niro bears a resemblance to the Enlightenment philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Both men have strong chins and similar facial hair. The resemblance becomes even more striking when comparing De Niro’s appearance in 1993 to a portrait of Rousseau from 1753.

Tommy Lee Jones & Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson, who was Abraham Lincoln’s vice president, became president after Lincoln’s assassination. He bears a resemblance to Tommy Lee Jones, who played Republican Congressman Thaddeus Stevens in the film “Lincoln.” Stevens urged Lincoln to abolish slavery during the Civil War.

Charlie Sheen & John Brown

John Brown, an abolitionist who led several slave revolts in the 1850s and famously led the raid on Harpers Ferry, bears resemblance to actor Charlie Sheen. While the two likely have very little in common morally, their facial features and sly smirk definitely look more similar than one would initially think.

Ellen DeGeneres & Henry David Thoreau

The abolitionist movement had many figures who looked similar to celebrities. Ellen DeGeneres bears resemblance to Henry David Thoreau with their similar bright eyes and swept-aside hair. With a scruffy beard, Ellen could play the role of the “Civil Disobedience” author.

Rupert Grint & David Wilkie

British actor Rupert Grint bears a resemblance to a British artist from 200 years ago, Scottish painter David Wilkie. They both have the same fiery red hair. A self-portrait Wilkie made when he was around 20 years old in the early 1800s illustrates the resemblance to the “Harry Potter” actor.

Shia Lebeouf & Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is well known for his wild hair and large mustache, but when he was younger he bore a resemblance to actor Shia Labeouf. Both men had naturally curly hair, small chins, intense gazes, and similar facial shapes. In recent years, Labeouf has been exploring high-concept performance art pieces in addition to his acting. It is possible that he may even tackle the remaining problems in the Standard Model.

John Krasinski & Carl Fellberg

Visitors to an art gallery in Copenhagen were surprised to see the striking resemblance between a man in an 1835 portrait painting and actor John Krasinski. The portrait depicts Carl Adolf Feilberg, a soap and candle maker, who was born in 1810 and a friend of the artist, Christen Kobke. Some thought it might be a publicity stunt.

Jennifer Lawrence & Zubaida Tharwat

Jennifer Lawrence, star of the Hunger Games, shares similarities in both talent and appearance with the late Egyptian actress Zubaida Tharwat, known for her roles in the 60s films Beware of Love and There Is a Man in Our House. Tharwat passed away from cancer in 2016.

Zayn Malik & Joseph Stalin

It may not be immediately obvious, but there are some similarities between the young Joseph Stalin and former One Direction singer Zayn Malik. While one is a Soviet dictator and the other a pop star, both share some resemblance. Malik made headlines when he left the band in 2015 to pursue a solo career, but it is important to note that their resemblance is likely limited to physical appearance and that they are vastly different in their actions and ideologies.

Jesse L. Martin & Marvin Gaye

When placed side-by-side, Law & Order alum Jesse L. Martin and Motown legend Marvin Gaye have a striking resemblance. Gaye, who passed away tragically in 1984 during a domestic dispute with his father, was a musical icon. Martin, who is also a talented singer, was chosen to play Gaye in a biopic titled Sexual Healing, but the project unfortunately did not proceed.

Hugh Grant & Oscar Wilde

In the prime of his career, with his floppy hair and charming looks, Hugh Grant of Bridget Jones’s Diary fame could have easily been mistaken for the renowned writer Oscar Wilde. In addition to their physical similarities, both Grant and Wilde have a reputation for being a bit of a “bad boy.” Grant’s 1995 arrest for lewd conduct is reminiscent of Wilde’s nonconformity to societal norms in Victorian London.

Alicia Keys & Lena Horne

As of now, there is no film made about the life and work of actress and singer Lena Horne, known for her roles in The Wiz and her activism during the civil rights movement. If a film is ever made, Alicia Keys would be a great fit for the role. Both are accomplished Grammy-winning singers, and they share more than just their vocal talent.

Jeffrey Tambor & Benjamin Franklin

After the 2014 death of Maya Angelou, media mogul Oprah Winfrey wrote a heartfelt memorial to the famed writer, calling her “my mentor, mother/sister and friend.” In addition to sharing a deep respect and bond, the two women also bore a striking physical resemblance to one another.

Oprah Winfrey & Maya Angelou

After the passing of Maya Angelou in 2014, media mogul Oprah Winfrey wrote a moving tribute to the celebrated writer, describing her as “my mentor, mother/sister and friend”. The two women not only shared a deep connection but also had a striking resemblance in physical appearance.

Jon Stewart & Henry Ward Beecher

Comedian and former host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, is recognized for his engaging, thought-provoking, and socially conscious commentary. The same can be said for his 19th-century look-alike, Henry Ward Beecher, a notable preacher who advocated for women’s suffrage and the abolition of slavery.

Maggie Gyllenhaal & Rose Wilder Lane

Maggie Gyllenhaal, known for her role in The Dark Knight, bears a resemblance to American writer and philosopher Rose Wilder Lane. Photos of Lane, who is the daughter of Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder, show that she and Gyllenhall have similar facial structure and the same striking eyes.

Hank Azaria & Rudolf Steiner

It’s unclear if actor Hank Azaria, known for providing the voices for characters on The Simpsons such as Moe Szyslak and Chief Wiggum, sounds like Austrian spiritualist Rudolf Steiner, but they certainly have a resemblance in appearance. Both Azaria and Steiner have also dabbled in writing.

Dustin Diamond & Joseph Pulitzer

Although Dustin Diamond, best known for his role as Screech on the teen sitcom Saved by the Bell, may not be a nominee for a Pulitzer Prize in acting, he does share a resemblance with Joseph Pulitzer, the American newspaper editor and publisher after whom the award is named.

Michael Douglas & George Washington

In 1995, Michael Douglas starred in the film The American President. Interestingly, he did not portray the one president he bears a resemblance to – George Washington. Douglas’s resemblance to the first president of the United States, particularly around the lips and jawline, is striking.

Janelle Monáe & Dorothy Dandridge

Singer and actress Janelle Monáe wrote a song titled “Dorothy Dandridge Eyes” for her 2013 album The Electric Lady. Monáe’s resemblance to Dandridge, the first African-American nominated for a Best Actress Oscar, is remarkable. While Halle Berry won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Dandridge in 2000, casting agents would be remiss not to consider Monáe for any future Dandridge biopics.

Adrien Brody & John Locke

John Locke, a 17th-century English philosopher, is known for his contributions to political and social thought, particularly in the areas of natural rights and government. His ideas have had a significant influence on the development of liberalism and libertarianism. On the other hand, Adrien Brody is an American actor, known for his performances in films such as The Pianist, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2003. While there is no direct connection between the two, one might see a resemblance between the two men, particularly in their facial structure and eyes.

Christian Bale & James Brolin

Christian Bale is an English actor known for his versatility in roles and intense preparation for his performances, notable for his portrayal of Batman in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, and his Academy award-winning role in The Fighter. On the other hand, James Brolin is an American actor, director and producer, he is known for his roles in films such as Westworld, Capricorn One and Traffic and for his portrayal of George W. Bush in W. While there may not be a direct connection between the two, some people might see a resemblance between the two actors.

Robin Williams & Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov

Robin Williams was an American actor, comedian, and writer known for his energetic stand-up comedy routines, as well as his roles in films such as Good Morning, Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, and Aladdin. He was also known for his ability to improvise and create characters on the spot. On the other hand, Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov was a Russian microbiologist and immunologist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1908. He is best known for his research on the immune system and for discovering phagocytosis, the process by which cells engulf and destroy invading microorganisms.

Zac Effron & Leonard Whiting

Zac Efron is an American actor and singer, known for his roles in the High School Musical trilogy, and in films such as Hairspray and 17 Again. He has also starred in several successful romantic comedies like The Lucky One and That Awkward Moment. On the other hand, Leonard Whiting is an English actor, known for his role as Romeo in Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. Both actors started their careers in the entertainment industry at a young age, and have been recognized for their performances in both movies and TV shows. While there is no direct connection between the two, some people might see a resemblance between the two actors as they both have sharp features and a charming smile.

George Carlin & Charles Darwin

George Carlin was an American comedian, actor, and author known for his observational humor, political satire, and irreverent attitude. He was widely considered one of the most important and influential comedians of his time, and has been posthumously honored with several awards. On the other hand, Charles Darwin was an English naturalist, geologist, and biologist, who is best known for his contributions to the science of evolution and his theory of natural selection.

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