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Famous Fake Reality TV Shows



Hands up if you just can’t get enough of reality television shows? Well, you’re not alone. There’s nothing quite like seeing how the other half live – even if their way of life is a little strange and quirky. What makes reality TV shows so exciting is that they give us a glimpse into the lives of those we have always admired, those who have talents we wish we also had, those who are world’s away from us, and those we’ve probably never even thought of before.
Sure, some may call reality TV ‘Trash TV,’ but there’s no doubt about the fact that these shows bring in millions of viewers every single year. Most of these viewers assume that these episodes give us an authentic and raw insight into these people’s lives, but it seems as though that isn’t the case. In fact, these reality TV shows are completely fake.

Hell’s Kitchen

Cooking shows are incredibly popular, but it seems as though people at home just can’t get enough of cooking shows where the host curses and shouts at the participants. After all, that’s what Gordon Ramsay is known for. While some people can’t even imagine why anyone would want to sign up for this kind of show, the people who have been contestants on Hell’s Kitchen have noted that the whole scenario is a little different from what people imagine. Not only is Gordon quite a nice guy, but the ‘customers’ are also paid actors.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Everyone has heard of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, right? This show is often considered to be one of the most iconic reality shows of all time, and it’s still going strong today. KUWTK has allowed these siblings to become some of the most famous people that the celebrity world has to offer, and fans love to get an insight into their luxurious lives. While the show has been captivating viewers since the late ‘00s, there are many people who have questioned the authenticity of the show, and whether some of their drama is simply made up for the cameras.

Dance Moms

One of the main reasons that people tune in to watch reality shows is because of the drama that ensues. It keeps people on the edge of their seats, and it gives them something to talk about, and that’s exactly what Dance Moms have to offer. Maddie Ziegler is one famous name who has come from this show, but she has noted that this drama isn’t as real as some would think. In fact, the producers push each other to fight and argue, and the moms would even conspire amongst themselves to think-up fights before the cameras started rolling.

Judge Judy

While there’s no doubt about the fact that Judge Judy is a professional judge and has worked within the court of law for decades, it seems as though her show isn’t as authentic as she is. Because this reality show needs to entice viewers, the producers make certain decisions about how the cases are handled. Although all of the cases and the people are all real, what most people don’t know is that the outcome of these cases are decided before the cameras start rolling. As if that wasn’t enough, people get paid to appear on this show.

Last Comic Standing

Some people just can’t get enough of comedy shows, and Last Comic Standing offered a new and exciting reality show that merged with comedy for something truly special. While many looked to the judges for the critique and the praise for these comics, rumors have circulated around this show, and these rumors aren’t good. It’s been suggested that the judges actually have no say in who wins and who loses Last Comic Standing, as that’s actually decided by the production team behind-the-scenes. Let’s just hope that that isn’t true.

American Idol

Everyone loves a singing competition, right? American Idol is one of the best, and it seems as though fans just can’t get enough of the good, the bad, and the downright awful singers. This show has been on the air for a whopping 18 seasons, and while there’s no doubt about the fact that it has spawned some seriously talented singers, it turns out that American Idol is pretty fake. Before the auditions take place, the show’s talent scouts scour the country for impressive singers they can ask to appear on the show. Yes, it’s all a lie.

Jersey Shore

If you cast your mind back to 2009, you might remember when Jersey Shore was all the rage. This show featured the drama, the parties, and the saucy goings-on between the young men and women of Jersey Shore, and it certainly got people talking. Many people couldn’t help but gawp over the scandals and arguments that went down between these guys, but it wasn’t long before people began to question the authenticity of the show. It was soon discovered that these guys really did get on, but that their arguments were orchestrated by those behind-the-scenes.

The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

Any show about love and relationships is going to be pretty scandalous, but we probably don’t need to tell you that both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are teeming with drama. While many people hope that the contestants really are falling for each other, it’s been noted that almost all of these shows are scripted for the sake of the viewers at home. It’s even been suggested that the producers create certain storylines and love triangles, and even choose the winner before the show even starts. Yes, the rose is completely predetermined.

The Jerry Springer Show

One of the main reasons you have probably watched more hours than you would care to admit of The Jerry Springer Show is the fact that all of the stories that appear in front of the camera are downright wild. They center around some of the most dramatic storylines and families we have ever come across, and they just seem impossible to compute. It seems as though there may be a reason for that. It’s often been noted that this show is not real, but is instead completely fake. Whether the stories are made up or not, we don’t know.

Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper stars married couple Chip and Joanna Gaines as they take on home restorations around their home town of Waco, Texas. It’s always amazing to see what these two do to the houses, but what you might not realize is that they sometimes cut corners. According to reports, the production team makes sure that the houses are purchased before the cameras start rolling, and they often only renovate half a house because they don’t want to spend too much money. As if that wasn’t enough, homeowners have to pay the team to keep the new furniture afterward.

Mob Wives

While many reality shows focus on the lives of women who have oodles of money to their name, Mob Wives decided to focus on the lives of women who have oodles of power to their name. After all, their husbands are mobsters. The whole premise of the show showcased the rivalries between these women and the fight for turf in various different locations, but according to some reports, these stars don’t even hang out in real life. Instead, the producers get them together for filming and create drama for the sake of the cameras.

America’s Got Talent

Talent shows have always been popular across the globe, and now it seems as though every country in the world has its own spinoff of America’s Got Talent. There’s something so amazing about seeing the talent that some people have under their belt – even if that talent is something they should probably have kept under wraps. However, like other shows such as American Idol, it seems as though this entertainment value is all down to the talent scouts, who approach people and ask them to audition for the show before it airs.

Duck Dynasty

Although Duck Dynasty came to an end in 2017, there are many people who still remember the Robertson family and their duck hunting business. They quickly became the stereotype for Southern hunters, with their big beards, their Christian views, and their curse words. Many fans soon came to the conclusion that these guys spend most of their days arguing and causing a ruckus, but it’s since been noted that this was added in for dramatic effect. In fact, ‘bleeps’ were added into the show even when curse words weren’t used.

Pimp My Ride

Once upon a time, we loved nothing more than seeing Xzibit and the West Coast Customs crew transform people’s rusty, old cars into something extraordinary. Of course, most people don’t need three televisions in their trunk and rims that spin, but it was still an awesome show. Because of this, we were pretty upset to learn that this show has been accused of being fake. It’s been reported that the custom crew only looked as though they pimped out these vehicles, but instead used props to make everything seem real.

House Hunters

As human beings, we have an innate need to be nosy and look around other people’s houses, which is why shows like House Hunters are hugely popular. Many people think that this show pairs home hunters with the house of their dreams – after a few failed attempts – but it seems as though it’s not quite as natural as that. It’s actually been noted that the people who appear on this show have already found and bought their dream home before the production team come along and supposedly retrace their steps.

Teen Mom

If you have ever watched Teen Mom, you’ll know that these new moms have a lot of drama in their lives – and we’re not just talking about the fact that they have a baby or babies to look after. That’s because those who appear on this show are constantly dealing with parental drama, relationship breakdowns, and even a few arrests. While these incidents are all real and filmed for the reality show, it’s been said that the producers often try and escalate these arguments into something much juicier for the fans at home to watch.

Vanderpump Rules

We all know that The Real Housewives franchise has proven to be pretty popular over the years, and that’s why Lisa Vanderpump was given a chance to have her very own reality show. Vanderpump Rules follows the socialite and her team of staff as they try and manage their restaurant, but fans of the show have noticed a few irregularities over the years. There have been many episodes where those in shot suddenly change their outfit or have a piece of jewelry missing. This shows everyone that these scenes are often reshot and then pieced together.


The US version of Survivor has now been on our screens for a whopping two decades, and that’s before we mention all of the spinoffs that exist across the world. This reality show is unlike any other, as it follows the adventures of contestants who are stranded on a desert island, who not only have to fend for themselves, but also have to take part in challenges to stay on the show. Because it’s incredibly raw and rough, many assume that this show is real. Nevertheless, it’s been noted that stunt doubles are used when the challenges are particularly dangerous.

The Voice

Like many of the other singing competitions out there, The Voice is not only popular in the United States, but it has also spawned various spinoffs in different countries. Because of this, many aspiring singers dream of their favorite judge turning around for them – and some even have this dream come true. Unfortunately, it seems as though this show is not exactly as it seems. A singer by the name of Adam Wiener noted that he was actually approached to be on the show without applying. They even asked him to sing a certain song within a certain genre.


Catfish is one of those shows that really does need to be seen to be believed. After being catfished himself when he was younger, Nev decided to create a show with his friend Max where they figured out whether people really were talking to real people online. Most of the time, these people end up as catfishes, and fans have become very emotionally attached to the victims. Yet, it seems as though the whole show may be a lie. According to reports, people who are actually catfishes contact the show in the hope that they’ll be on television.

Toddlers and Tiaras

Toddlers and Tiaras is one of the wildest shows that the world has ever seen, and while there are some people who find it absolutely ridiculous, there are others who just can’t get enough of this toddler drama. Most of the time, though, it’s the parents who also get involved in this drama, and many have suggested that there’s a reason for that. Those who have worked on the show in the past have confessed that many of the storylines are scripted and totally made up to make the whole thing even more entertaining.

Storage Wars

Although many shows are thought of to be fake, many people believe that David Hester has given confirmation that Storage Wars is, in fact, totally fake. After he was fired from the show, he decided to get his own back by dishing some dirt on the reality show. He noted that much of the drama was fabricated by the producers and that they are told to make certain decisions for the sake of the entertainment value. After making these claims, David was sued by his former bosses and ordered to pay a hefty fine of $122,692.

Say Yes to the Dress

If you’re a budding bride or whether you just get super emotional over other people’s weddings, there’s a high chance that you have watched at least one episode of Say Yes to the Dress. This show has had countless spinoffs and has supposedly provided countless brides with their dream dresses. However, it seems as though this show isn’t quite as authentic as it may seem. Many of the brides who have appeared on this show have noted that they had to rehearse their emotional reaction to their perfect dress before the cameramen were happy with the take.

Southern Charm

Many networks have tried to create shows as impressive as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Real Housewives, and that’s exactly what Bravo has tried to do with Southern Charm. They hoped that by following the lives of the rich in Charleston, South Carolina, that they would create the latest craze – and it seems as though some people just can’t get enough of it. Those watching should watch with caution, though, as it seems as though most of the cast members don’t even live in Charleston, and they’re not even friends.

The Osbournes

If you cast your mind back to 2002, you might remember the days when Ozzy and the gang were giving us all a glimpse into their crazy family life. Yes, The Osbournes allowed us to get a sneak peek into the relationship between Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, and their children, and while many people love this reality TV show because of the crazy antics that these guys got up to, it turns out that all of this was pretty fake. Much of the show was scripted, and the events that took place were all planned in advance.

Long Island Medium

Long Island Medium may be a fan favorite for those who believe in speaking to the departed, but there’s no doubt about the fact that there are countless skeptics across the globe. Not only do some people not believe that mediums can talk to those who have left this realm, but they also can’t get on board with a reality show that follows such a person. There have been many accusations thrown around about this show, with some noting that Caputo receives the readings through an earpiece and is given the information by the crew.

90-Day Fiancé

If you have ever watched 90-Day Fiancé, there’s a high chance that you have stared, open-mouthed at your television screen on at least one occasion. After all, the concept of this show is pretty wild. The show essentially hooks someone on a tourist visa up with an American resident and gives them 90 days to fall in love and get married before the visa runs out. This show has brought us a whole load of drama over the years, but this drama may not have been as real as you first thought. Much of the drama is fake.

Breaking Amish

Amish communities have always been interesting to those looking in, and many people love to learn about their lives – especially when it comes to young people and their Rumspringa. Breaking Amish was a reality show that followed a group of young Amish people as they stepped away from the confines of their communities to explore the big, wide world of New York City. While there are some who believe that this show is real, there are others who have suggested that it could be fake. The cast has even noted that the editing created scenarios that didn’t actually happen.

The Apprentice

Before POTUS set up shop in the White House, he spent his days schooling potential business partners on the ways of the business world. The Apprentice has become extremely popular over the years, and there’s no doubt about the fact that it has got many people inspired to start their own business. You might not want to apply for this show, though. According to reports, the show chooses candidates based on their entertainment value rather than their business acumen, and the firing scenes are made to be even more dramatic than they really are.

WWE Smackdown

While it’s no secret that wrestling is all pretty fake, there are still people out there who just refuse to believe it. They believe that competitions and shows such as WWE Smackdown are all totally real and that all of the wrestlers have real beef with each other and really get in the ring to fight. As much as we have tried to believe this ourselves, it just isn’t the case. Wrestling storylines and matches are predetermined before these guys step into the ring, which means that they are more like fighting actors getting paid for a job.

The Real Housewives

You probably don’t need us to tell you that The Real Housewives franchise is hugely popular. We’ve lost count of how many spinoffs and destinations there are now, but what we do know is that this reality show is always full of drama that keeps everyone entertained. While there are some who believe that this drama is natural and organic, there are others who can’t help but wonder if the whole thing is fake. In fact, Teresa Giudice once stated in court – under oath – that the show that she was a part of was fake. Apparently, everything is planned beforehand.

The Biggest Loser

If you have ever watched The Biggest Loser, you’ll know that the participants on this show do often lose weight. They go through rigorous training regimes and diets that help them achieve their goals, and this is what makes it such a powerful and inspirational show. However, many people have criticized The Biggest Loser because many of the people who appear on this reality television show go back into their bad habits when filming stops. Because of this, the ‘experts’ have been picked on, and many have questioned whether they are actually licensed.

Project Runway

While the hosts of this show have now changed, there was once a time when Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn provided the world with some of the hottest new fashion designers on the planet. This hugely popular show allowed these designers to showcase their work and create designs for the whole world to see. It featured intense critique and dramatic showdowns, and it kept many people wanting more. Yet, it seems as though this was all just created for dramatic effect. Former contestants have noted that the process was much more boring.

Love Island

Even if you haven’t personally watched it, there’s a high chance that you’re familiar with Love Island. There are now countless spinoffs of this show, with everything from the UK show to the Australian spinoff drawing in viewers from across the world. Over the course of these long, hot summers, these attractive singles fall in and out of love quicker than the click of a light switch, but many have suggested that it’s fake. In fact, even those who have appeared on the show have noted that the editing creates different stories about what actually goes on in the villa.

The Hills

The Hills may have come back with a rather quiet bang – especially without Lauren Conrad by its side – but it’s fair to say that this show is still loved by millions across the globe. This was one of the original reality shows that followed the lives of young people in Los Angeles, and you probably don’t need us to tell you that the drama was pretty intense. From the Speidi arguments to the will-they-won’t-they with Audrina and Justin Bobby, the show rocked. Shame much of it was scripted, right? In fact, many scenes had to be reshot countless times.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

You probably don’t need us to tell you that RuPaul’s Drag Race has become hugely popular with fans across the world, and they just can’t get enough of the drag queens that werk each season. Alongside the legend himself, RuPaul, of course. The show first made its mark in 2009 and has been going strong ever since, and while it has thrust some of our favorite drag acts into the limelight, questions have arisen about whether it’s real or fake. One former contestant has noted that the producers goaded their arguments, and edited the show to make them look worse.

Basketball Wives

Basketball Wives offers a very simple concept, as this show follows the wives and girlfriends of some of the biggest basketball players in the world. While you would expect all of these ladies to get on and be friends, this show proves that allegiances are often there to be broken. That’s what the show teaches us, anyway. It turns out that this show is actually pretty fake, and a few of the cast members have confirmed that for themselves. They have noted that the creators of the show also create the storylines and the drama.

The Simple Life

The Simple Life wasn’t on for too long, but we can’t deny that it made us laugh a lot. This amazing reality show followed rich heiresses Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie as they stepped away from their life of luxury to do actual work and earn their own money. While some of the show was fake, some people may be happy to know that this did actually serve as a life lesson for these two girls. Both Paris and Nicole did do a lot of the work shown on the show, but their reactions and their conversations were dramatized.

The City

After the success of The Hills, it seems as though fans of the show wanted more. So, producers decided to create a spinoff series that followed Whitney Port as she made her way to New York City and attempted to break into the fashion world. This show not only saw Whitney work her magic, but we also got to be introduced to some big names in the celebrity world. It’s a shame that most of it was fake then, right? While the people were all real, much of the drama and the events were created for entertainment value.

Divorce Court

Although it’s not the most popular reality show on this list, there are some people in this world who just can’t get enough of Divorce Court. While there are some people who just can’t get on board with the fact that divorces and marital problems are used for high ratings, you might not have to worry after all. That’s because it’s been suggested that this show might not be real at all. In the past, a woman claimed that she and two other members of her family were hired by the show to create a fake divorce story for the cameras.

Naked and Afraid

There are many survival shows out there, but very few of them feature a whole cast of people who don’t wear clothes. Well, that’s exactly what Naked and Afraid is all about. This show puts a bunch of people on an island, and strips them of their luxuries and their clothes, and leaves with them with just a few tools to survive. Of course, their bits are blurred out, but it seems as though we also don’t see other aspects of this show. That’s because, away from the cameras, participants are given luxuries to tide them over.


Everyone always wonders how the other half lives and MTV’s Cribs allowed us to get a sneak peek into the homes of the rich and famous. These houses were unlike any others we had ever seen, and it made us even more jealous of the people who owned them. Of course, most people just assumed that this show featured their real houses – but it seems as though that wasn’t the case. In the past, a landlord sued MTV after she discovered that one of her leased properties was used on the show and passed off as Ja Rule’s house.

Cake Boss

There’s something about giant cakes that don’t look like an actual cake that gets us all excited, and there’s no doubt about the fact that Cake Boss has entertained us all for many years. In this show, Buddy Valastro works out of his family-owned bakery to bring some of the most extravagant cakes to life, and many just assume that this is what he does day in and day out. Well, we’re here to burst your delicious bubble. According to reports, Buddy rarely works in the bakery and instead has teams of staff to get the jobs done instead.

Ghost Hunters

You probably don’t need us to tell you what Ghost Hunters is about, right? Well, we’re going to do it anyway. This reality show follows the likes of Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson as they investigate ‘haunted’ places in search of paranormal activity. While those who believe in ghosts do believe that they are stumbling across these little ghoulies, there are others who aren’t so convinced. In fact, many have noted that everything is staged and that the whole thing is scripted. There are even many experts who have debunked some of their encounters publicly.

Masterchef USA

He may be shouty and loud-mouthed, but that’s exactly what has made Gordon Ramsey popular within the American cooking show circuit. Alongside Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon has also appeared as a judge on Masterchef USA. While there’s no doubt about the fact that this show is a little more subdued than the restaurant environment of his other show, it seems as though it’s still pretty fake. A former participant called Ben Starr wrote a tell-all blog post about Masterchef USA, and noted that the whole cast is told to be over-dramatic for the sake of the show.

I Am Cait

The transition of Caitlin Jenner is one that will go down in history, and one that many people weren’t expecting. After watching the former Olympian on Keeping Up with the Kardashians for many decades, this news came as a shock to some – and there’s no doubt about the fact that people wanted to know more. Because of this, they decided to make a reality show following her transition and her new life. Although the first season brought in millions of viewers, these fans began to dwindle in the second season. So, the producers scripted drama to make it more exciting.

Pawn Stars

Many people like to think that their old and unwanted possessions could make them a fortune, which is why shows like Pawn Stars are so popular. It also helps that this show is full of drama, scandal, and a whole load of arguing. Unfortunately, this show isn’t quite what it seems. Because of the privacy laws in the state of Nevada, the stars of this show aren’t allowed to work in the store when the cameras are rolling. This means that everything is filmed outside of opening hours, with researchers bringing in the customers and their items beforehand.

Property Brothers

We’re gonna assume that there are some people out there who can’t bear to think of anything bad being said about these two. Jonathan and Drew Scott are two of the most lovable Canadians that our television screens have to offer, and fans just can’t get enough of their brokering abilities. They love seeing them negotiate and renovate houses, but what you might not realize is that these two don’t really offer much to the whole show. While they are there for the filming aspects, their team members often deal with the real transactions and renovations.

Beauty and the Geek

Beauty and the Geek was a great concept that gave geeks the hope that they would be able to fall in love with a beautiful woman, and that beautiful woman would fall in love with them back. Many assumed that the whole concept was just too good to be true, and while we hate to say it, they might have been right. According to many reports, the whole show was completely fake. Not only were the men acting as though they were in love for the sake of viewers, but many of the ‘beauties’ were actually just paid actresses.

Cupcake Wars

If you have ever watched Cupcake Wars, you’ll know that this show will give you a real hankering for cupcakes. You’ll also see cupcakes in a whole different light, as it seems as though the people who make these delicious treats are pretty passionate about winning. Because of this, the people on this show often get caught up in the drama – but that drama might not be as real as many would think. Many rumors have circulated about the authenticity of this show, even noting that the competition as a whole is fake.

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