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The Women From Two and a Half Men Look Way Different Now



Two and a Half Men, originally starring Charlie Sheen Jon Cryer, and Angus T. Jones was an incredibly popular sitcom that ran for 12 seasons on CBS, but it wasn’t the guys who were drawing viewers. Since the show was primarily about dating, it featured a rotating cast of phenomenal female talent as well.
One of the more enjoyable parts of the show is the fact that it includes a lot of different types of actresses, some of which were popular beforehand, and others who got their big break on the show. But since it’s conclusion, what have these women been up to? Well, wonder no more…

Denise Richards — Then

Throughout the show, Lisa was usually the sultry female character who goes back and forth between giving Charlie the chance to be with her and then leaving him because of commitment issues. She eventually just gets married because she’s so tired of waiting and then gets divorced to be with Charlie again. Naturally, though, it still doesn’t work out.
How has Denise aged in the years since?

Denise Richards — Now

Though Lisa never did work out with Charlie, Denise didend up marrying Charlie Sheen, though it only lasted four years. Guess those two were simply destined to never stay together. They still manage to be in the same room when they’re with their two children, though. At 46, Denise has no plans of reducing her acting career.

Emmanuelle Vaugier — Then

Mia was yet another woman who just couldn’t make things work out with Charlie. Even after she made him give up his habits and actually get into a serious relationship, she still couldn’t abide to be with him since he was unwilling to tell Alan to move out.
What does Emmanuelle look like all these years later?

Emmanuelle Vaugier — Now

At 41, Emmanuelle has gotten down to work getting roles since her time on the show. If you’ve seen Mistressesor Lost Girlthen you’ve seen some of her larger television roles, though she’s also been keeping busy with movie roles as well.

Jennifer Taylor — Then

Chelsea had the special honor of being the first woman to whom Charlie ever expressed his true love for. What was meant to be just another conquest ended up being a serious relationship. Like most romances in the show, however, it didn’t last.
Today, Jennifer looks like….

Jennifer Taylor — Now

At 45, Jennifer is a mother of two with songwriter Paul Taylor and has been killing it on shows like NCISand Moms,and most recently on Shameless.

Jeri Ryan — Then

Jeri had the unfortunate knowledge that Charlie essentially considered her to be the female version of himself (something that no woman would want to hear), which he found super attractive. The two ran back and forth for a while before Charlie eventually decided that she was a little too hard to get, so they split.
Now, though….

Jeri Ryan — Now

The stupendous Jeri seems to have gotten better with age! At 49 she has more shows under her belt than some other actresses her age — Leverage, Body of Proof, Major Crimes,and Helix,just to name a few. Her most notable role, however, was Borg Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager.

Marin Hinkle — Then

It seemed as if nobody in the show could really keep their marriage together, and that included Judith. She loved spending Alan’s alimony money on things like shopping sprees and plastic surgery, though! Even her marriage to Herb failed after he cheated on her.
What does Marin look like today?

Marin Hinkle — Now

She may be 51, but Marin is determined to continue her career as strongly as possible. She’s landed significant roles in shows like Madam Secretary, Speechless, and Homeland.

Teri Hatcher — Then

Liz’s first appearance in the show during Jake’s 11th birthday party marked trouble for her sister, Alan’s ex, when Alan took a special liking to her. Then there was the time Liz hooked up with Charlie way back when, though she failed to recall that incident.
What does Teri look like today?

Teri Hatcher — Now

Soon after doing Two and a Half Men, Teri got her big break. She landed a significant role in the series Desperate Housewives of which she was a part for eight years. She maintained her career after that and was in last year’s season of Supergirl.

Courtney Thorne-Smith — Then

Alan never could seem to get very lucky with women, and that certainly included Lyndsey McElroy. Not even the most passionate fan could keep up with how many times they went their separate ways before deciding to get back together.
How has Courtney fared over the years?

Courtney Thorne-Smith — Now

Following her five-year stint on Two and a Half Men, Courtney lent her voice to the comedy series Robot Chickenand was asked to appear in two episodes of ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat. She’s also raising a 10-year-old son.

Brooke Shields — Then

Danielle was the poor woman who got set up with Alan as an attempt by Charlie to be rid of him once and for all. Charlie eventually realized that he wanted her for himself, and the two brothers bickered over her. Poor Danielle was just left stuck in the middle.
What does Brooke look like now?

Brooke Shields — Now

Brooke didn’t need Two and a Half Men to make her famous, as she began her acting career when she was very young. She continued to have a full career following her stint on the show, including Army Wivesand more recently in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. At 52, she really hasn’t changed too much!

Kimberly Williams-Paisley — Then

Despite acting like a civilized person, Gretchen eventually revealed her, um, more crazy side in the bedroom, shall we say. She got pulled straight into Jeff’s lies right after telling him that she had trust issues from her last husband. At least she got some fun out of it.
Today, this is what Kimberly looks like….

Kimberly Williams-Paisley — Now

Kim was already pretty known before doing Two and a Half Menfrom such films as Father of the Bride and We Are Marshall. Following her time on the show, she went light on the acting in order to spend time with her husband Brad Paisley and her two kids. But she did act in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip and a couple more things.

Heather Locklear — Then

Before she was another one of Charlie’s conquests, Laura started as his divorce lawyer. Probably not a great way to meet a potential future husband! Charlie swore to uphold all faithfulness to her, but naturally he couldn’t fulfill those promises. So she did the only thing a woman can do to a cheating partner….sought her revenge.
How has Heather aged over the years?

Heather Locklear — Now

At the wisdom-filled age of 56, Heather has been keeping active in several shows. She was in Hot in Clevelandfor one season and is currently a part of Tyler Perry’s Too Close to Home.

Paula Marshall — Then

Alan didn’t even care that Paula used to be Paul before undergoing a gender change surgery. He just cared that he finally connected with somebody on more than just a surface level. Unfortunately for Alan, his newfound love ended when Paula got back together with her ex-wife. Poor Alan.
How does Paula look today?

Paula Marshall — Now

Paula is 53 and is married to Danny Nucci (Fabrizio from Titanic). Those who have seen Murder in the First and Life on Normal Street will likely recall seeing her. More recently, though, she starred in the comedy We Love You, Sally Carmichael!

Missi Pyle — Then

Miss Pasternak started out as Jake’s school teacher who gave him good grades in order to get on Charlie’s good side. It worked, and the two began dating….until he discovered that she was a bit ill in the head and dumped her. It wasn’t until several seasons on that the character returned as an exotic dancer after losing her teaching license. The two attempted dating again, but it failed.
Missi has changed in the years since….

Missi Pyle — Now

Missi’s repertoire of films and TV shows is extensive, having acted in shows like Bordertownto Momsince her days on Two and a Half Men. Just recently she was in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Kimberly Quinn — Then

As an overly sensitive type, Donna was a tough person for Alan to break up with. She wasn’t exactly stimulating for him, which is why he sought the breakup, but even Charlie’s advice for breaking up with a woman gently couldn’t keep the hysteric tears at bay.
Wait until you see how Kimberly has aged!

Kimberly Quinn — Now

Not nearly as emotional in real life as she was on the show, Kimberly has maintained a steady acting career. Her more significant acting achievements include St. Vincent and Hidden Figures, but she’s also found success with the Netflix shows El Camino Christmas and Gypsy.

Kristin Dattilo — Then

Cindy was one of the very few women to appear in the show who actually neverslept with Charlie. Jake sure took a liking to her, though, and was even a bit fascinated by her, well, backside.
How has Kristin aged since then?

Kristin Dattilo — Now

Kristin is now 46 and is enjoying a full but steady-paced career. She landed a role in The Chris Isaak Show just after finishing Two and aHalf Menand was also in a season of Dexter.

Judy Greer — Then

When we’re introduced to Walden in season 9, he’s on the verge of suicide all thanks to Bridget. She left him because she thought he fell on the immature side. It isn’t until Walden finds somebody else that Bridget decides she wants him back, but it’s too late. So what does she do to retaliate? Drives her car into his house, of course!
Judy Greer has changed since then, though….

Judy Greer — Now

Ever the popular film star, Judy has maintained her career in some pretty large blockbusters, including Jurassic World and Ant-Man. Currently she’s working on the Halloween remake.

Sophie Winkleman — Then

Once Walden decided he’d had enough of Bridget, he moved on to the far more charming Zoey. The two stayed steady through two seasons until Walden finally proposed….and she said no. No, because she was seeing someone else on the side, he discovered.
Has Sophie kept up her good looks?

Sophie Winkleman — Now

Yep, still looking great! Following her time on the show, Sophie landed a voice role in the Disney Channel show Milo Murphy’s Law. Currently she’s busy filming a new crime show titled Trust. But all of those things pale in comparison to the fact that she’s actually wed to the son of Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin! So she’s practically royalty. Or is that royalty once removed….

Justine Eyre — Then

Fans of the show will fondly remember the episode when the ever-bickering Alan and Charlie almost have a falling out over Charity, Alan’s old high school crush who’s stolen from him. Alan seeks his revenge by attempting to get with Charlie’s girlfriend but then decides that having Charlie walk in on him with Charity was the best way to get his true revenge. “Now we’re even,” he tells a very surprised Charlie.
Has Justine kept up her looks?

Justine Eyre — Now

Justine really hasn’t done much in the way of acting following her brief appearance in the show. She was featured in an episode of CSI: Miamiand was a part of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Ming-Na Wen — Then

Linda was Alan’s attempt at getting Charlie a girlfriend, but she couldn’t stand how rude he was as a person. Then the two met again when (surprise!) Charlie got a speeding ticket and was required to appear before a judge….none other than Linda herself!
How has she held up?

Ming-Na Wen — Now

Has she gotten younger? One would almost think so. Since her time on the show, Ming-Na has worked on minor Disney properties, including the animated show Phineas and Ferb as well as Marvel’s show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She also spent a few seasons on SGU Stargate Universe.

Sara Rue — Then

When we were first introduced to Naomi, daughter of Charlie’s housekeeper, she’s pregnant and without any prospects. She quickly develops a little crush on Alan, and the two date following the birth of her child. Yet again poor Alan gets taken advantage of when Naomi’s baby daddy returns and the two get back together.
Sara looks way different in real life….

Sara Rue — Now

Pretty massive difference! The 38-year-old has maintained a steady career, appearing in The Big Bang Theory, Eastwick, and Rules of Engagement. She can currently be seen in the upcoming second season of Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Melanie Lynskey — Then

Rose was always the crazy next door neighbor who just wanted someoneto love her. She was convinced Charlie was the one after their little intimate night together, but even when they ran off to Paris to get married she still never got the chance since he died (which was simply Charlie Sheen being written off the show). Then she was going after Walden when he moved into Charlie’s old apartment.
How does she look today?

Melanie Lynskey — Now

Though she was already an established actress prior to the show for movies like Heavenly Creatures, Melanie hasn’t relented any with her career since. The 40-year-old is currently working on two shows: Stephen King’s Castle Rockand a mini series titled Sunshine.

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